How to Find a Therapist: Part I

Finding a therapist is a two part process that can feel overwhelming if you are new to therapy, but should be simple by following this process! There are three things to consider before reaching out for a consultation. 

Ask Yourself “Why” 

The first step is to consider why you are seeking therapy. What kind of problem(s) are you dealing with? Is it feelings of anxiety or depression? Maybe you’re dealing with an eating disorder. No matter what you are experiencing, it is a great idea to write down how you are feeling! Make sure to include anything you would like your new, potential therapist to know. 

Determine Your Goals

Consider the goals you want to achieve in therapy. Are you interested in developing coping mechanisms for anxiety? Do you want to feel validated in past or present experiences? Maybe, you are even undergoing a big life change. No matter the reason for beginning therapy, you are valid! It’s important to know your goal because therapists vary in many different ways. Training, education, specialties, and many other variables play a role into the type of therapy one does. Considering your goals will lead you to finding the best fit. Treatments work better for some people than others which makes it important to find someone trained in an area that can support you best! 

Financing Therapy

Lastly, think about how you are going to pay for therapy. Do you have insurance or will you be paying out of pocket? If you are paying with insurance, it’s crucial you find a therapist that accepts your type of insurance. Some therapists do not accept insurance at all, which makes them an out of network provider. In this case, you will have to determine if you can afford to pay out of pocket or if they can provide a superbill. A superbill is a claim that can be submitted to clients for reimbursement, which depends on your insurance plan. This information will be provided on the therapist’s website.

If you are now interested in where to search for a therapist, check out Part II. If you are interested in therapy at Growth thru Change, click here to explore more!

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