Holiday Anxiety

Anxiety from the holidays creeps up every year for most especially in the month of December. We are all stressed and overwhelmed by the activities going on; but, for those with anxiety disorders this can be downright crippling!

That is why, during the holiday season, it is important to put a plan together to remain balanced. Lets face it from buying the right gifts, to traveling and visiting with family is enough to make anyone a little tense. All the same, when that feeling of apprehension turns into endless worrying it may be your anxiety disorder in full gear. That is why, during the holiday season, it is important to put a plan together to keep oneself even keel. Here are a few tips to keep your anxiety in check and keep your holiday merry:

  1. Don’t over book yourself- you do not have to go to every party or event you are invited to. Go to the ones most important with your loved ones and send a thank you card or small gift to others for the invite.
  2. Keep presents minimal- for extended family see if everyone will arrange for a pollyanna or all agree to one singe amount for a gift card to alleviate the stress of finding individualized gifts.
  3. Make sure you are getting enough exercise-it is had during the winter months to keep up a routine and with all of the holiday feasts it is easy to get distracted, but keeping up with your usual routine is important. Exercise is proven to improve your mood and fitting into those new jeans will for sure increase your holiday cheer!
  4. Try to set a budget and stick to it- financial stress has a critical impact on our anxiety and we all know that the holiday season is a time for spending! Therefore, staying on a budget throughout the season can minimize anxious symptoms and support a balanced mood.
  5. Don’t spend too much alone time. Although anxiety- especially social anxiety cause increased isolation, be sure you are getting out and engaging with others. Of course it is fine to have some alone time to wind down, rest and recuperate, but remember it is the holidays and it is best to spend it with the ones you love!

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