Are You Experiencing the Holiday Blues?

The holidays are exciting, overwhelming, and keep us busy from when we cut the turkey until the ball drops. You have just spent the better part of 2 months planning, cooking, gifting, and visiting friends and family so it is absolutely natural to get the blues once it abruptly stops! So once it all ends and the new year begins how do you cope? Here’s a few quick tips that may help you out when those post holiday blues suddenly creep up:

  1. PUT DOWN THE DEVICES! Comparing your gifts, vacations, and parties via social media posts doesn’t help. Take time out of your day to actively turn off your phones and eat dinner with your family, or go for a walk or have a conversation with a friend on the phone.
  2. Try getting your “diet” back on track. Now we’re not suggesting everyone eats perfectly all the time, but we all know we eat more heavily (and a ton more cookies) at the holidays. All the sugar we ingest causes our blood sugar to eventually drop resulting in decreased mood and anxiety. Getting back to healthier foods will help stabilize and balance our mood. Slowly integrating healthy foods back into your diet by adding a fruit or vegetable into your meal may make it an easier transition without feeling deprived.
  3. PLEASE cut yourself some slack! It’s important to set realistic New Year’s resolutions. Be kind to yourself in the New Year.
  4. Keep in touch- Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean you have to go back into your cocoon! Be sure to make continuous plans with friends and family. Have a game night at a friend’s house or get the whole family together or brunch. Making plans will allow you to have special events to look forward to.

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