Looking for a support group that understands your experience as a mother? Struggling with post-partum depression and long for a place to feel supported and connected? Seeking guidance through those challenging early years? Then Moms Club is for you!

Parenting can make you feel like every day is your first day on the job. Just as your child completes one life stage, he or she enters another, leaving you wishing you had a mommy manual. The company of like-minded moms can help you through the difficult days, the parenting obstacles, and the celebrations of your child’s accomplishments.

Of course, you can bring your child with you. You don’t have to hire a sitter to participate! Please call 215-337-3993 ext 5 or email for more information

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coping skills

Am I Crazy Or Dreaming: Life With A Narcissist

You wake up from a nightmare.  Was it a dream?  Your husband, spouse, or boyfriend is downstairs making coffee, at least you think so.  You …

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Making Friends With Your Grief

Grief can take many shapes and wear many hats.  Life events, world events, personal problems and now, a war that is in Ukraine.  How could …

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Letter To My Shame And Other Feelings I Have To Tolerate

This letter is for anyone who has ever suffered from shame. I have been told that the main difference between shame and guilt is that …

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