IV Therapy and the Wellness Trend For Physical and Mental Health

Spare time for the leisure class has always been synonymous with the word “luxury.” Pedicures, manicures, massages, and even mental health dilemma’s fit into the category of time to be filled. Lunches, browsing bookstores, shopping and perhaps a quick stop for a cup of coffee has traditionally filled hours for people when they are not working. Recently, with the surge in Covid-19 cases and the Omicron variant, free time has taken on a new meaning for those looking to protect themselves from Covid, to expunge a hangover, or get a quick boost of either energy or relaxation. For some, that time involves a few hours in a comfy chair with what has now popularly being called IV therapy.

IV’s have traditionally been the exclusive domain of hospitals, with patients being ordered medication by their doctor at their overnight stay. But now, the trend in health and wellness has taken a new turn.


Once only part of the medical profession, IV therapy has morphed into a business of its own, being offered in spas, storefronts, and functional medicine practices. Kick off your shoes, read a book and choose from a menu of services. Restore, a hyper wellness franchise that has locations throughout the United States offers IV therapy while getting compression therapy.


Mix Things Up To See What You Like Best

Depending upon whether you want to freeze with cryotherapy or sweat in an infra read sauna, the options are there to boost your mental and physical health. Torn about which treatment? Get a membership and go twice a week and mix it up. And whether you choose an electrolyte drip to increase energy, a vitamin C cocktail (Meyers blend) mixed with glutathione for immunity, you are sure walk out with a sense of exhilaration. Brain boost, migraine, or jet lab, clients can choose which ailment to address. Some providers have opened mobile services, where the clients can do the drip in the convenience of their home if they choose. IV For Life, a wellness center in Newport Beach, California


reports offering an array of services to address sleep needs, athletic needs, beauty needs, and immune needs. The trend in California exists throughout the country. Some clients have even reported getting groups together for IV parties.


Why get together for a paint and wine party when you can all get IVs to celebrate a birthday? The Drip Bar, another wellness and IV franchise is set to open over 200 locations across the country. And the trend for 2021 calls for a tremendous amount of growth in this field.


Is IV therapy worth the hype and do they really work? The jury is out on whether it is a fad or a “boutique” wellness medicine that really works. “IV therapy is a medical procedure, so it begs the question: If you’re healthy, are these IV drips really worth the potential risks?” asks a Dr Septimus at the Houston Methodist Website on Health.


Advocates of these alternative treatments claim that it boosts their health, hydrates their skin, and helps them sleep. It has become a staple for Hollywood celebrities and the wealthy, who can afford both the time and money to get hydrated through their veins. But opponents of the IV treatments say that “when paired against drinking plenty of water (maybe even a sports drink) and eating a healthy diet, the price of a boutique IV concerns safety and your wallet.”

IV Therapy Is A Growing Trend

With all its pros and cons, IV therapy has certainly carved a niche in today’s trend in health and wellness, especially given the spread of Covid-19. If you are curious about the potential benefits and can afford it, it’s worth investigating. Those who believe in the benefits feel that one of the main advantages over vitamins is that the IV bypasses the digestive tract and is easily absorbed. IVs also offer alternatives to drug therapy for depression and anxiety. Glutathione, for example, is a quick way to calm the nervous system. Given the recent attention to vitamin D levels, in addition to B and C, IV therapy gets these nutrients into the body quickly. The debate over the pros and cons is certainly a heated one. Oral vitamins versus IV, traditional medicine versus cutting edge.


Finally, how you define wellness is ultimately the deciding factor on whether you choose to try it for your mental, physical and emotional health.

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