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There are moments in life when we know we need to drastically SHIFT our course to understand what truly brings us happiness. Our therapists in Philadelphia understand that, while these moments may be difficult, they prompt us to question, evolve, and finally become who we were meant to be. Through self-discovery, you will be empowered to make informed decisions about your path ahead.

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Our therapists in Philadelphia work hard to stay on the cutting edge of therapeutic practices in order to bring you the best support in individual counseling, family counseling, couples counseling, teen counseling, and much more!

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It can be hard to tell when you need behavioral health or psychological health intervention. I therapists in Philadelphia are trained to identify these issues before they become harder to treat. 

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There are moments in life when we know we need to drastically shift our course in order to do what truly brings us happiness. While these moments are sometimes anxiety provoking, they prompt us to question, evolve, and finally become who we were meant to be. 

Your choices are the biggest factor in how you lead your life. To change your choices, you must first change the way you think about yourself and your behavioral health. Promoting a positive self-image is key to healing. With our therapists in Philadelphia you will work through early childhood experiences to create an understanding of how family dynamics and relationships impact your view of yourself, others, and the world around you.

This new understanding will create new patterns of behavior that will bring you to levels of success and happiness that result in becoming who you were meant to be. Through self-discovery, you will be empowered to make informed decisions about your path ahead.


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Individual Therapy

One on one therapy with one of our amazing therapists in philadelphia.

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You and your loved one working to grow together and improve.

Family Therapy

The whole family unit meeting with one of our amazing therapists.

Teen Therapy

One on one teen therapy with one of our therapists in Philadelphia. 

Addiction Therapy

Therapy focused on stopping addictions and maintaining the longevity.

Support Groups

A safe place to meet with others who are working to improve in the same way you are.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Growth thru Change is remote via tele-heath during the pandemic. However, the office will resume with a hybrid option so that we can treat individuals who prefer virtual and those who prefer in person. If you are looking for in person sessions, please reach out and we will let you know that status of reopening our office.

In the meantime, all of our clinicians and our psychiatrist treat patients from all over Pennsylvania; however, some of our clinicians are licensed in New Jersey and are therefore able to treat individuals from that state.

If you live outside of Pennsylvania or New Jersey, you can check with your own state’s rules surrounding tele-health. Some states have become lenient due to the pandemic.

Reach out for specifics on the clinician you are interested in working with.

We do not take insurance because insurance companies require us to diagnose, which can have a negative impact on your ability to get coverage in the future. Insurance companies also have a way of dictating how long therapy is and if at ANY point they want to discontinue treatment.

Reimbursement from insurance companies is an option if you have out-of-network benefits through your specific insurance plan. Please call our office and we can assist you with reaching out to your provider and finding out what specific benefits you have and if your insurance carrier will provide reimbursement.

We also accept HSA (Health Savings Account) if you have one. These are processed on our system just like a standard credit card. We can provide you with invoices if your place of work requires them for HSA charges.

Sliding scale fees are also an option with most of our clinicians. This option can be discussed on a per person basis. Feel free to reach out for specific information

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