Therapist Staff

Our therapists who work tirelessly to help you grow. 

Natalie Czaplicki

Clinical Professional Counselor, M.S.Ed, M.Phil.Ed

Elyse M. Palumbo

Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist, LCSW

Steph Johnson

Licensed Social Worker (LSW)

Sam O'Neill

Behavioral specialist

Dr. Sophia Brandstetter

LCSW, PsyD Clinical Director

Megan Lederman

Licensed professional counselor, LPC

Dr. Angela Sandone-Barr


Dr. Jeanne Matthews

M.A, M.Ed, PsyD

Karen Saraullo

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, BSW

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Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, or Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy in general, helps bring deep-rooted emotions to the surface, giving us a glimpse into the unconscious mind.

Invest in your well being