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Understanding & Managing Anxiety

Simply put, what is anxiety? Anxiety is a condition that has become quite popular in the public lexicon. Hearing about anxiety can be tricky, especially when the word is thrown around without the proper amount of context. One way to look at it, there is a difference between anxiety in the general sense and anxiety …

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Fighting Against What We Cannot Face

The Definition of Resistance The theory of resistance was forged long ago by Sigmund Freud to describe when a patient develops uncooperative behaviours during sessions. It occurs when an individual’s unconscious defenses of their ego are threatened by an external source. That external source often being therapy and the therapist themselves. Resistance doesn’t just show …

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Understanding Our Children’s Development

Have you ever read something and it just clicks, you completely understand it and you can see the validity of it? I found this happening often when I was in grad school for counseling and mental health in 2018.  Particularly in my Counseling Interventions class my first semester, we’d be talking about a theory that …

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Toxic Parenting and Its Effects

Whether we want it or not, our parents play a major role in shaping us mentally and emotionally. What is toxic parenting? No one is perfect, including our parents. Parents are human beings too. They may have the best intentions and want the best for their children, but they make mistakes and might unintentionally do …

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Love-Object: Attachment Theory & It’s Relationship To False Self

To Love and Be Loved A Very Brief History of Attachment Theory and its’ relationship to the False Self  The British psychoanalyst John Bowlby sought to understand the anxiety and distress  children experienced when separated from their primary caregivers. Bowlby shared the psychoanalytic view that early experiences in childhood are important for influencing development and …

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