Holding The Mind In Mind: Mentalization and Relationship Health

Mentalization is a term that has been used in psychology since the late 1960’s. Mentalization is the ability to observe and communicate the mental state of oneself while imagining the mental state of others. The capacity to mentalize allows us to form and maintain healthy bonds to others. Through mentalizing we align our emotional state […]

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Understanding Our Children’s Development

Have you ever read something and it just clicks, you completely understand it and you can see the validity of it? I found this happening often when I was in grad school for counseling and mental health in 2018.  Particularly in my Counseling Interventions class my first semester, we’d be talking about a theory that

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Knowing When Someone Else Needs Help

It happens to everyone—wondering whether a partner, family member, friend or colleague needs help. But how do we know for sure? Who are we to say? And, won’t they just ignore our advice, or even worse, be offended? The simple fact is that most of us do nothing about our suspicion because we are not

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How To Help Your Teen

The teenage years are often the most tumultuous time of life because so many things are happening at once. In the midst of puberty, a series of biological changes that make any sort of consistency impossible, the teenager is also forming an identity, exploring romance, and preparing for adulthood. With so many things happening at

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