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Life transitions (planned and/or unplanned), traumatic experiences, grief, and other difficult or overwhelming experiences may lead to responses that initially served a purpose yet no longer do. Examples could include being hypervigilant, overly anxious, depressed mood, reliance on substances, and other behaviors to This may make you feel alone, isolated, out of balance, and/or that something is wrong with you. Whether or not these feelings have been around for a while or are new-there are paths to help you move forward and reaching out for therapy is one of them.     

 I can work with you first to identify the parts of you that need healing, their origin, and the role(s) they play in your life. Then I can support and guide you through that process to help you find a more integrated space in your life and body. Types of approaches that can be used, among others, are EMDR therapy, Internal Family Systems, and mindfulness.  

 It can be difficult when you do not know where or what to begin with. We will work to identify your needs through a collaborative approach. We will cultivate a compassionate relationship where you feel safe and supported in your journey towards healing.  

 ‘For real happiness, for real lasting stable happiness, one has to make a journey deep within oneself and see that one gets rid of all the unhappiness and misery stored in the deeper levels of the mind.’ S.N. Goenka  
Eriach is a Licensed Professional Counselor (PA) and a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (NJ) with a Master’s degree in human services. He has worked in the behavior health field for over 25 years supporting individuals and their families recovering from traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, substance use disorders among other presenting concerns to find their path towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.   Eriach works with adolescents (13+), adults, families, and couples. My primary interventions are EMDR, Internal Family Systems, Mindfulness, and Structural Family Therapy.  

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