Megan Lederman


Every story is unique.  My job in session is to listen well and frame a space that invites you to speak freely.  I treat Individuals, teens, families and children in crisis using the telehealth medium.  Connecting with angry, withdrawn, or difficult to reach children and teens is a specialty.  If you’re worried about your little one, your teen is in trouble, or you notice that “family feeling” of togetherness, mutual support, and thriving is missing, we can tailor a successful approach for the specific situation your child or family faces. 

My area of expertise is in helping people who grapple with overwhelming emotions, dissociative defenses, painful experiences, or self-destructive patterns to get to a place that’s more livable. I work exclusively through telehealth.  Integrating the tools of old school psychotherapy with affective neurobiology, relational theories of change, and a horizontal treatment approach, I can help you get to the root of the problem as we work in the moment towards equilibrium and a sense of connectedness to yourself and others.

When we facilitate a safe and comfortable space to speak, saying whatever comes to mind, the keys to resolving your difficulties emerge, and we work with these keys to make life more livable.  This is the essence of the process, and teletherapy makes it available wherever you are.

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