Sarah Lobb

Licensed Social Worker (LSW/MSW)

Working with adults as individuals and in the framework of relationships (often called couples therapy), I offer a safe place to discover, communicate, and expand your capacities. There can be many components to therapy, including sharing the self, challenging assumptions, and learning new skills. What you bring to therapy is important, personal, and deserving of attention.

As a psychodynamically oriented therapist, I will invite you to be thoughtful about the impact of biography on your self-understanding and relationship habits. While each of us is greater than the amalgam of our experiences, exploring the influence of childhood, family, education, diagnoses, etc. brings self-knowledge. We may not need or be able to change much of who we are, but without self-knowledge we’re less likely to know precisely what we can change. 

I often help people through transitions, such as navigating grief and loss, adjusting to illness, and addressing changes in motivation and focus. I appreciate working with people within the context of their relationships. Therapy can help us recognize the impact we’re having on one another, a critical part of renewing lost or dampened connections and promoting new ways of relating. I have extensive experience supporting people who are tackling addiction and recovery, either for themselves or within their families and communities. Frequently compulsive behavior, or addiction, begins as a way of surviving something that feels unbearable, but over time the behavior can hinder our ability to relate to ourselves and others. Therapy can be a place to build resilience and rediscover the self.

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