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We are here for you. With our exceptional team of mental health professionals we can ensure an incredibly high level of service. We look forward to working together towards your goals. 

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Sophia Polin

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

About Me

I emphasize attuning to the mind-body connection, habituating to feelings of vulnerability and integrating disparate parts of the psyche to guide clients towards living more conscious and intentional lives. I believe that the most effective way to heal… Read More

Megan Remsen


About Me

Contemporary life does not offer us many opportunities for reflecting and slowing down. Coming to therapy is a way of prioritizing these practices and making meaning of the dynamics that structure our reality. Change is intrinsic to the human experience, and yet many… Read More

Sarah Lobb


About Me

What brings you to seek therapy is personal, important, and deserving of attention. I offer a non-judgmental and safe space to learn, grow, and share. I am psychodynamically oriented therapist, meaning I’m thoughtful about the impact that early life experiences have on… Read More

Sarah Marcus


About Me

My practice centers on working with adolescents through adults exploring gender identity and sexuality, experiencing anxiety, depression, and the impacts of trauma. I also work with individuals interested in exploring their expressions of sexuality in fulfilling… Read More

Dr. Sophia Brandstetter


About Me

Drastic shifts are sometimes necessary to make room for what truly brings us happiness. These transitions may provoke anxiety, but they also prompt us to question, evolve, and finally become… Read More

Megan Lederman


About Me

“Every story is unique. My job in session is to listen well and frame a space that invites you to speak freely. I treat Individuals, teens, families and children in crisis using the telehealth medium. Connecting with angry, withdrawn, or difficult to reach children and teens is a… Read More

Support Staff

Assisting our community as well as our providers

Support & Guidance

I have the pleasure of supporting and guiding clients at Growth thru Change in finding the clinician that will best fit their needs and support them through their journey. I manage our team of clinicians with operations and development.

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Helping Our Community

It has become clear throughout the pandemic the challenges students are facing during this difficult time. I work as a liaison between Growth thru Change and your student body in order tailor our services to meet the needs of your specific students.

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I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and come visit your school in person to discuss our services: In school group counseling, staff trainings, Mental Health Awareness assemblies or outpatient individual services, parent support groups or family counseling. If there is a need for your students, we can meet it.

Marketing & Outreach

I oversee our marketing department. If you are a clinician or an agency looking to connect, please do not hesitate to reach out. We would love to speak with clinicians about job opportunities and agencies about referrals, collaboration, and marketing.

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