Beth Kaminsky

Licensed Social Worker (LSW)

I am a relationally oriented therapist who views therapy as an alliance between the clinician and client. I believe that the source of our present-day conflicts can be understood and worked through by understanding early relational patterns. As an empathetic listener, I provide my clients a safe space to explore the difficulties that are causing them distress.

I specialize in counseling individuals who have experienced life changes and loss, who find themselves feeling anxious, overwhelmed and depressed. With an awareness of complex family systems, I provide my clients with tools to move forward and to cope with present day challenges. With adolescence and young adults, my intention is to accompany them on their journey of self-discovery, oftentimes amid family conflict and shifting identities.

I bring years of experience with yoga and breathwork which I use to foster an awareness of the mind/body connection. I value process over solutions and see all issues as opportunities to deepen the awareness each person has with themselves – and by extension the people in their lives.

-Beth Kaminsky (LSW)

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