Beth Kaminsky

Licensed Social Worker (LCSW)

Do you need help creating a path forward as you navigate changes in your life or life circumstances? Maybe you are looking to redefine who you are as you enter a new stage of life. Decisions and transitions are challenging whether you are a young adult, adult, empty nester or somewhere in between. I have a particular interest in helping my clients reframe the story they are telling about their lives. The patterns that create this story can be discovered and explored. Using a holistic and person-centered approach, my goal is help you understand these repetitive patterns so that you can move forward.

Through our work, you will learn to access your inner voice and develop self-acceptance, which is where true healing lies.  Through collaboration, we will create a path toward healing that can help you gain clarity and shift your perspective.

I am a licensed Social Worker and a have a wide range of eclectic lived experiences that enrich my approach. These experiences include being a mother, an academic, a certified yoga and meditation teacher, and a published writer. I focus on the mind/body connection.

I look forward to working with you on your journey. Please email me or contact me for a free consultation.

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