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Jordan Katz

Licensed Social Worker (LSW)

I look at therapy as a winding journey into the past by dealing with present day issues. I work from a relational framework and therefore believe that the source of our conflicts can be found by taking a dive backwards into our past in order to navigate its origins. I teach and practice yoga, mindfulness and meditation and use these tools to create an atmosphere of stillness and safety as we explore any number of potential disruptions in attachment and attunement. 

I view therapy as a dynamic process, where growth happens subtly and safely to create a corrective emotional experience that allows present day conflicts to be resolved in new ways. Often times, all it takes is a shift in perspective to have a gentle moment of clarity. I also see therapy as a way to maintain mental, emotional and spiritual fitness, in much the same way that we care for our bodies. Talking, relating, and expressing how we feel to a stranger often helps my clients gain a comfort level with who they are – to a person who morphs from stranger to ally through the therapeutic process.

I work with my clients to understand both the content and context of their lives. As a clinical social worker, I believe that the environment plays an important role in shaping who we are. My dual focus of both depth and situational factors helps my clients make practical changes in their lives so that they can remove the clutter that may be holding them back. 

My work is informed by my study of literature and branches of eastern and western philosophy. I have graduate degrees in social work, American literature and philosophy, which provide broad and rich resources from which to draw. I am unique in both the seriousness and angle of existential levity I bring to my practice. I specialize in working with adolescence and young adults, people experiencing life crisis and transition, and all clients experiencing anxiety, depression, and grief.

I believe in the power of process rather than end goals. I also believe in progress that is titrated with what my clients can handle at any given moment to avoid the flooding process. Pace is very important, and I alternate depth with discussions of present-day issues to create an atmosphere of safety and neutrality. Sometimes, there is no “aha” moment when things become suddenly clear.  Instead, there is a steady exploration to find the meaning each client has inside, waiting to come out, waiting to speak. A voice that has been waiting to be heard. 

A Quick Video From Jordan


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