Megan Remsen

Licensed Social Worker (LSW)

Contemporary life does not offer us many opportunities for reflecting and slowing down. Coming to therapy is a way of prioritizing these practices and making meaning of the dynamics that structure our reality. Change is intrinsic to the human experience, and yet many of us become stuck in patterns and relationships that do not serve us; we may feel alienated from others and even from ourselves.

I offer a radically accepting space to confront and be curious about the forces and events that have made us who we are. As a psychodynamic therapist, I am attentive to early life experiences, our foundational relationships as we know them and the way narratives inform our understanding of who we are.

My practice supports adolescents and adults as they work through anxiety, depression and the legacy of trauma. I welcome all sexual and gender identities and make an LGBTQ+ affirming space a priority. I work alongside individuals as they define and develop the fabric of their identity, confront the sources of their distress, and integrate already existing strengths and resources into a more cohesive experience of who they are.

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